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We bring out the best in Leadership, People and Organizations for A Better World.

ELLING international consulting group

What We Do

Elling International Consulting Group is an innovation leading international Leadership Advisory. We create excellence in Leadership, People & Organizations For A Better World.

Our today‘s VUCA World (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) is shaped by unprecedented and pressing global challenges for our safety, health, environment, businesses and societies. Simultaneously, new technologies like AI and the racing global transformation unfold never-seen-before opportunities for new human growth, i.e. for the purpose of people, our planet and new sustainable profits and values, as framed by the UNSDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). In our today’s world, excellence in leadership, people and organization are vital keys – not only for every successful business and organization, but for our healthy human future.

We work with private, public and nonprofit leaders and organizations across all industries and regions. In line with our values, 1% of our revenues are dedicated to ESG (environmental, social, governance) goals. 

Excellence in Board, Executive and Leadership Solutions

We stand for excellence in Board, Executive and Leadership Advisory, Development and Search. We create future-shaping leadership solutions in key positions and teams, boosting your unique purpose, vision, mission, and future success.

Excellence in People and Organization Leadership (HR)

We create excellence in People and Organization Leadership (HR). We build your future-ready human governance, leadership, strategy, talent management, rewarding, analytics, and HAI (human-centred artificial intelligence) – unleashing your full people power and goals.

Excellence in Digital Transformation, Culture, and Growth

We secure excellence in Digital Transformation and Culture, driven by sustainability, diversity, equality, and rapid inclusive growth. Together with you, we create your unique human competitive advantage and unparalleled New Human Growth for a Better World.

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